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About me

Hail the queen, Maanya Sareen.


I am Maanya, the craziest, nerdiest, insanest, immaturest (I love to invent my own words) teenage girl you can ever imagine. (Yup, that means I am cooler than you are)


So, modesty aside, let me set the scene. 6 November 2004 (one more day to add to your history to-remember-dates list) on that historical day the world was gifted with me, yes me, at the exact point where latitude 28.5629’N intersects 77.2403’E longitude.


Yeah, so one of the many words, that describes me if that I am an animal-fanatic jerk. I have a very cute younger brother, Buttons (okay, he’s a dog, but he is still my brother). You might have gathered from out here that if there are some people in the world I live and die for it is animals- dogs, pups, cubs, kittens and the list goes on and on.


I also am a pink-princess, miss know-it-all and brownie-crazy girl, so I guess you got the idea.


But here comes the serious bit, despite all my bizarre interests, there is one thing I know I rock at, and that’s words. Like I said before, I love to invent my own language, I love acting (that’s probably ‘cause I practice a lot of it in daily life), I love speeches, poems, extracts, scripts, thoughts, mimes, dialogues and practically anything to do with words. And hold it here guys, I am a national-level debater, too.


I love to argue out stuff they take for granted, stuff I feel is wrong, even if its like a universally established fact or something, it cannot, repeat, cannot get past me.


I love words so much, I’ll only eat Alpha-bits for breakfast. And what’s more, I’ll only eat the cereal letters I can use to make a word. So, say, there is a “G”, “Z” and “R” left in the bowl, I can’t bring myself to swallow them. I love writing so much, I’ve got the wrist of a 97-year old secretary and I am only 14.
So what you’re just about to read, ladies and gentlemen, is not just a collection of pieces I wrote, it’s like a journey, a life-journey of an attitude-hormone-filled-teenage girl who has tried to best express what she actually feels, wants and believes.


So, here it is guys, the roller-coaster-ey and embarrassingly-true life journey of a perfect, not-so-perfect, miss know-it-all. And yes, lest I forget, all the views expressed here are solely mine. I have no intentions to hurt someone’s feelings or impact their revenue. Please note that this is a fun blog where I pour my heart’s content out, translate my ideas into words; and to make it more compelling use an image to make it visually appealing. Please pardon me if some of the images are not royalty-free.