Love and Prayers Conquer All: Corona is just a Nanometer Nuisance
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Love and Prayers Conquer All: Corona is just a Nanometer Nuisance

“The reports are all positive,” the words pierced the calm silence of the room, and hearts of hearts we all understood that life as we knew it, would not be the same anymore. For the first time, “positive” was somehow associated with something completely conflicting it’s very essence. And before I, as one of the youngest members of the extended family, could comprehend the gravity of the situation, I found myself with a mask over my face, in a different room and with a bottle of sanitiser in my hands.

The most trending google search right now- Coronavirus symptoms.
The most demanded products- sanitisers and masks.
The everyday news updates- a spike in COVID-19 victims.
The new fashion- PPE kits.
The new social service- community food distribution.
The new greeting style- Social Distancing.
The new word for disease- Pandemic.

My Papa, Daadi and Dadaji were diagnosed COVID positive on 27th June 2020. And trust me, we had taken every possible precaution on Earth. Milk packets sanitised: Check. Amazon grocery parcels washed: Check. Complete and total House-Arrest: Check. A life-long supply of sanitiser bottles and masks: Check. And yet, somehow, COVID decided to find it’s way into and invade the perfect family that we are.

As you might have noticed from my previous blog entries of that time, I was being all light-hearted, positive and rosy, just trying to paint a picture of normalcy and togetherness, when things were far from that phase. I think, I was trying to convince myself that “We shall Overcome”, when, just between you and me, life was really scary. Everything seemed so serious, that at times, it felt the walls were caving in on me. And the really cool and nerdy blogger you know of, sort of gave in to the kind of girl you find crying secretly in the bathroom sometimes.

Today, when all this over, I want to remember those times again, much against my wishes, as a tribute to all COVID survivors around the world, who have collectively fought so much more than a disease, they fought seclusion and isolation, they fought social eviction, they fought loneliness and depression, and they fought the poster on their front gate which said “Caution: COVID 19 Positive Patient”. Why Caution, huh? The same COVID 19 patient you’re talking about is a human being, and I don’t need to reiterate- Man is a Social Animal. Granted, you need to stop people from interacting with him, but why give people an excuse stare at our house? Why give people an excuse to send redundant and useless WhatsApp messages? Why tempt people to call up with a hundred precautions we should have followed, when we did a lot more than that?

The fact remains that behind all those face masks, behind those plastic gloves and behind that fake smile that had become a norm to placate all those people who used to Video Call, I knew that we were fighting between life and death, I knew that I was writing my blog entries to keep myself from reliving those moments when they took them to the hospital again, I knew that inside, we were all broken. And somewhere between all my Online Classes, when we used to call Daadi and Dadaji up in the hospital, those beeps of the oxygen machines and glucose drips kept reminding us of what they were going through.

Why I am writing this, at 11 o’ clock in the night, is because, I want you (yes, all of you reading this, right now), to realise that we have to fight the illness and not the ill. I know, what I have shared is just what my family has been through, but there are people out there who’ve suffered from a lot more, and yet they chose to live, when death might have seemed a much easier alternative. All we can do for them right now, is to share their pain. Just call them up, even once a week would make a difference, and tell them how brave they are, tell them that they are wanted and loved, tell them that you are waiting for them to get back home all hale and hearty again, tell them that you miss their smile, tell them that you’re in this with them and tell them that they are not alone, the world is with them.

So step up, join hands and lets fight Corona Virus and not the COVID-19 patient. It’s about time, we have to bring this pandemic to an end, let every COVID positive turn to COVID negative and Life Positive, and no matter how low you feel, remember “We shall Overcome”.



(The image credits go to COVID-19 comics: COVID-19 Myths, Debunked)

  • Jahnvee
    Posted at 14:28h, 12 July Reply

    Very well penned Maanya, you are a wise and brave soul. I completely agree with you that we all need to fight with the pandemic not with the victims.. we have to be compassionate, kind and considerate….I am so glad to hear that all have been cured in your family..May the almighty bless you all.. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s very encouraging.

  • Anupriya Gautam
    Posted at 16:24h, 12 July Reply

    CoV has taken scary vibes over the world and has been everywhere in the news. But, some proportion of the population is still unaware and living in the myths relevant to COVID-19.
    We also continue to help people find timely and useful information through our products, including Search, Maps and YouTube. Right now all the social apps daily promoting a ads/events/ campaign to raise awareness of simple measures people can take to slow the spread of the disease. But we have to dare to reach into darkness to pull someone in light. Always remember strong people not only stand up for themselves, they stand up for others too.

  • Jyoti sood
    Posted at 17:11h, 12 July Reply

    Superb! Manaya..Very well done..You gave a good writing skill..Keep it up dear..All of us love to read ur blogs.Keep writing..????

    • Maanya Sareen
      Posted at 17:47h, 12 July Reply

      Thanks a lot to all of you for appreciating. I hope to come up with a lot more of such pieces. Praying for the Pandemic to end before more lives are lost. Lots of Love.

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