Next time you say, ‘Hey Siri’, think again!
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Next time you say, ‘Hey Siri’, think again!

Next time you say, ‘Hey Siri’, think again!

Alexa, Siri, Adios, Cortana- ever wondered why, while we talk so much about feminism and women empowerment. Today’s so- called ‘modern AI driven’ virtual assistants are so sexist?

Amazon’s Alexa, named after the ancient library of Alexandria, is unmistakably female. Microsoft’s Cortana gets her name from an A.I. character in the Halo video game franchise that projects itself as a sensuous, unclothed woman. Apple’s Siri is a Norse name that means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.” I ask why? Why this mindset that women are supposed to be subservient or in other words slaves of the so-called technology they mastered?

Is this not an extension of Male dominance, of sexism? Why don’t we ever talk about this aspect of sexism?

If we can stand up for Nirbhaya, if we can strike outside the Sabrimala temple for female entry, if we can tweet, re-tweet on #metoo it’s about time we stand up against the new age sexist virtual voice assistants, which should be meant for the past not the future. In no way can these be called modern, in no way can these lead today’s patriarchal society towards development and progress. In fact it’s quite the contrary.

I want to talk about the aspects of feminism, of sexism that we have to date ignored. I want to understand in what ways are these sexist AI virtual assistants modern, when we know that this outdated sexism is embedded so deep inside them?

I challenge Apple- why is siri, siri and not Tim? Amazon- why did you name your voice assistant Alexa? Why not Alexander? Why Cortana, Microsoft, why not bill?

So till the time history remains history (his+story) and not herstory with subtle hints of discrimination, till the time Romeo and Juliet changes to Juliet and Romeo, till practice will make a MAN perfect and not a woman, till the time Alexa, Apple, Siri, Cortana change to Alexander, Tim, Bill, Jim, I will keep fighting my battle against new-age sexism.


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  • Anjana Suri
    Posted at 22:11h, 03 May Reply

    Well articulated and Interesting thought .
    We can safely guess who present the boardrooms when these AI names were picked.
    I am a bIg fan of WICS -US national program women in CS and WEP – a Texas based program for Women in Engineering Program Hope this will keep a check on sexism.

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