Not every Damsel is always in Distress
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Not every Damsel is always in Distress

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

Haven’t we all heard of it, yes guys, its from one of the best known classic fairytales, from Rapunzel. But, friends, aren’t you all sick and tired of those typical ‘Damsel in distress” fairytales? Yeah, me, too. So, here’s where the twist come-

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.’

Uh, but why?

Isn’t it lonely up there?

Excuse me, haven’t you ever heard of skype and facebook.

But, what about food?

You’ve got home delivery pizzas, right but I have got dragon delivery pizzas, which take less than half the time. l’ve got plenty of dragon as friends, so you know all dominos pizzas and Mc.Donald’s burgers are up here .

Haven’t you ever longed to see the world outside?

Why do I, when I’ve got the best satellite connections.?

Uh, so Rapunzel, please let down your hair, I want to come up, too.

So, guys, I want to conclude by saying that all damsels are not always in distress, and that not all girls like pink .’’

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