Road Safety: Why it Matters
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Road Safety: Why it Matters

The place: some-where in Gurgaon. The time: last Saturday, late evening.

A BMW sedan was travelling at 100 km per hour. At the wheel, was the son of an MLA, allegedly drunk. Too late, he saw looming ahead, an auto-rickshaw and a policeman. When the air cleared, bystanders saw that the occupants of the BMW had escaped with minor injuries, thanks to the air bags. At the other hand, the others were not so lucky: 3 dead, 1 wounded.  

As per ministry of road transport and highways’ data 1,46,133 people died in horrific road accidents, which actually translate to 11 deaths per 1 lakh people. Keeping these statistics in mind, are we actually safe on Indian roads?

A recent survey conducted by safe life foundation found that 59% of the people driving on Indian roads got their driving license without a test. 42% of the 2-wheeler riders refrain from wearing helmets while 63% of them driving don’t wear seat belts these figures sound weird, right?

Think of those mothers who have lost their children owing to road accidents. If this doesn’t send a chill down your spine, then think of those children who are orphaned due to road safety measures in India.

Road crash deaths among vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists have reached an alarming level. What more do you want?

We should spread awareness about traffic rules, signals and signs. The next time you spot a 2-wheeler without a helmet or a 4-wheeler without a seatbelt, please stop them and instruct them to follow traffic rules.

Let’s work with the government and traffic policemen to ensure that traffic laws are adhered. When we spot potholes created after rainfall, unclosed sewage gutters, we should inform the authorities, proactively.

Such small but effective steps create endless ripples in the stream of life. So guys, it’s about time, let’s link hands to prevent road accidents from taking over. Together we can make a difference.

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