I want to be happy (not successful) when I grow up
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I want to be happy (not successful) when I grow up

Are we forgetting that happiness is much more important than material success?


What would you prefer: a Rs.10 samosa shared with friends over a cup of chai or a meal in a five-star hotel all alone? What would you cherish more: a postcard from your grandmom or a shiny new IphoneX? Success is all the money in the world. Happiness is having people to spend it on. Success is all the money in the World. Happiness is needing none of it.

Ever wondered why united nations publishes the world Happiness report every year and there is nothing called the world successful countries report? Ever wondered why Delhi’s Aam Aadmi party launched the path breaking initiative Happiness curriculum and there is nothing known as a success curriculum? Friends, all these data points prove that success does not necessarily lead to happiness, but happiness forms a strong pillar of success. In the race to be first in the line of success people tend to forget that it doesn’t matter who came first the chicken or the egg? Once cooked with the right ingredients both are delicious to eat. Being successful will bring you millions in your bank account a luxurious life and a lifelong supply of pizza but none of these will matter if you miss out on a peaceful mind and a happy soul.

Happiness is that Rs.10 samosa that will fill the stomach, heart and soul which tastes better when shared with friends and family because remember: a joy shared is a joy doubled.

The joy of getting pass marks after your friend taught you the entire syllabus an hour before the exam definitely wins over being a CEO sitting alone in a corner office.

The famous mascot, Ronald Mc. Donald, second only to Santa Claus, in terms of popularity is Mc. Donald’s chief happiness officer. If you want more examples, I can quote Bhutan’s gross national happiness index, appointment of Minister of Happiness in UAE and Bhutan and why go overseas when our very own Madhya Pradesh created a ministry of happiness and the reason was to measure the success of the  state.

To quote John Lennon, founder member of the rock-band Beatles, “When I was 5-years old, my mother told me that happiness is the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down happy: they told me I didn’t understand the assignment, I told them, they didn’t understand Life.”

“They say money cannot buy me happiness and I believe so, for I’d rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle.”

So I have made a deliberate choice my friends, I chose happiness, what about you?



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