The new era of globalisation: What do you and I get?
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The new era of globalisation: What do you and I get?

Gap, Lamborgini, Hilton, starbucks, CNN, Zara why am I naming these new -age global brands because they touch our lives everyday- and that is exactly what globalization is, dear friends!

What’s more when none other than Martin Luther King spoke in favour of the same globalization, I am speaking to you through this blog today . In his words before finishing  breakfast this morning, you would have practically depended on more than half the world-with cutlery from china, cheese from dairy farms of New  Zealand and jam straight from strawberries of Switzerland.

When they ask if the the new era of globalization is a boon for mankind, at least I am from the camp, that wholeheartedly support it.

Connecting the unconnected, is its moto, and the world as one big global society, its result. Friends in today’s connected world, globalization is exactly what manifests itself in our healthcare, in the way we dress up, in the songs we listen to and believe me, even in the food  we eat. The internet social media and numerous apps are today connecting us, global citizens into a big family.

Tech guru, Bill Gates, goes to the extreme by stating that a world without globalization is as unimaginable as the sun rising in the west.

It is just because of globalization, that we consumers can get quality goods, at the right price, at the right time, in the right shape, delivered at our doorstep. People, countries, markets, things, have come together have united, and yet we say globalization is a bane? You’ve still got time friends consider your choice , before its too late.

In the end, I would like to conclude with the words of Kofi Annan , former UN secretary general , arguing against globalization is exactly equivalent to, arguing against the laws of gravity.

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